Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

Our Fire Risk Assessments are designed to meet the specific requirements of your premises and will meet all the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Our Fire Risk Assessor follows the 5 step risk assessment process as recommended by the Health and Safety Executive and the Employers’ Guide Published by the Home Office.

With many years of fire safety experience, we can ensure that our clients’ premises are adequately assessed for fire risks to life, property and business continuity. A full and detailed report is produced following the fire risk assessment, this contains any significant findings and required actions to achieve a satisfactory standard of fire safety within the premises.

Risk Assessment Process

The 5 step risk assessment process as recommended by HM Government guidance documents, HSE and the guidance documentation issued by Fire and Rescue Services covers:

  • Step 1:  Identification of the Fire Hazards
  • Step 2:  Identifying Persons at Risk
  • Step 3:  Evaluation of the Risks (Eliminate, Reduce or Control)
  • Step 4:  Recording of the Significant Findings
  • Step 5:  Monitor and Review Process

Our fire safety risk assessment audit process provides an in depth review in to the fire safety infrastructure of your business premises or block of flats. Facets of fire safety covered included fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, safety signage, fire equipment, likely ignition sources, fuel types and the suitability of the escape routes. All significant findings are recorded, and a risk analysis conducted to arrive at a detailed list of deficiencies and recommendations.  A comprehensive action plan is then produced with realistic time scales for completion and review, providing you with a range of options to meet your legal obligations and ensuring the most appropriate cost effective solution.  All our Fire Risk Assessments include a fire emergency plan as required by the Fire Safety Order 2005.  Extensive research is then undertaken and references made to relevant Guides, Codes of Practice and British Standards.  The Fire Risk Assessment is then sent to you as a professionally prepared document.


Wight Fire  provide a consultancy service for our customers that are happy to complete their own Fire Risk Assessment, but may only need assistance with certain elements of this procedure.

Should you need our help, you can make arrangements for our Fire Risk Assessor to visit your premises and use his expert knowledge to answer the questions you have, enabling you to complete the Fire Risk assessment for your property.

Fire Door Reports

Our fire risk assessors can prepare an inspection report on the condition and suitability of the fire doors within your building. A report will be prepared listing details of the functionality and condition of the fire doors together with schedule of any repairs or improvements required.

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